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Is He Strong? Listen, bud...

Sometimes you learn something when you're 8 years old...

And then you remember it many years later.





Continuing the story begun in THE FLASH: THE HAUNTING OF BARRY ALLEN.
Oliver Queen, wealthy playboy now known as the grim vigilante The Green Arrow, struggles to find a way to save Barry Allen, The Flash, from the transdimensional energies that are stealing his speed power and killing the Scarlet Speedster at the same time. Team Arrow and members of Team Flash must journey to the enemy nation of Markovia. They confront a castle full of international criminals, including frequent nemesis, Malcolm Merlyn. The key to Barry's survival is held by the terrorist lord, Count Wallenstein. At the same time, Oliver must come to terms with dark enemy from his past who threatens to derail the mission and prevent Oliver from meeting his obligations to his friends.

Available March 28 everywhere you buy books. We recommend you order it from our favorite local bookstore -- Quail Ridge Books and Music -- and we can even autograph and personalize it for you.

We are fans of both shows and worked hard to make these books feel like the shows. We love these characters. The dynamic between Oliver and Barry is so wonderful, similar to brothers, but both men who live in a world that most people can never understand.

Order both THE FLASH  and ARROW!

THE FLASH is here!





In the first part of an epic 2-book crossover with ARROW, Barry Allen finds out there are consequences to being a hero. Because of his heroic efforts to close the temporal anomaly that nearly destroyed Central City, he is fighting for his life.  His powers are failing and he is experiencing visions of a future Flash who is trying to warn him of danger. At the same time, a group of the Flash's greatest enemies band together to bring the city to its knees and extract revenge on Flash and everyone he holds dear. Unable to safeguard his city alone, Barry turns to the one man he trusts above all others -- Oliver Queen, the ARROW.

The story continues in ARROW: A GENERATION OF VIPERS (pub date March 2017).

Available now everywhere you buy books. We recommend you order it from our favorite local bookstore -- Quail Ridge Books and Music -- and we can even autograph and personalize it for you.

We hope you enjoy it. Both books were a blast to write. We're big fans of the shows. And we're both superhero fans from way back. Heck, we met because of a comic book.

What happens when more than 90 sci-fi and fantasy authors start a conversation about mental wellness, mental illness, depression, suicide prevention, domestic violence intervention, PTSD treatment and related issues?


We don’t know, but we’re going to find out.

Clay and Susan Griffith . . . will forever alter the way in which you perceive genre fiction.

Paul Goat Allen, B&N Explorations


...artful storytelling makes for entirely believable, delightful reading.

RT Book Reviews


Clay and Susan Griffith…recalibrate the old stories and tropes with such genuine ingenuity and seeming effortlessness that it never fails to feel anything less than utterly original and dazzlingly new.

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